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    Fluorspar Column

    Samsummer has been doing business of metallurgical grade fluorspar products ever since 2005, and with experiences for many years.Our fluorspar is purchased from Mongolia, and delivered to Tianjin Free Trade Zone via Mongolia's border crossings, then processed according to customer’s requirement in the warehouse in Tianjin Free Trade Zone, finally export to the other countries. The whole session is closely operated. Details as below:


    We make Purchase of fluorspar in Mongolia based on contract requirements. Samsummer’s professionals provide the comprehensive range of the inspection of spot loading. The regular purchase quantity is 3000-5000MT per month and grade specification of CAF2 in fluorspar is from between 60% and 98%.


    The transportation of purchased fluorspar from Mongolia is combined by international train transportation via Erlianhaote border station to Tianjin Free Trade Zone.


    With professional, steady, experienced processing team and quality supervision system, we could make production of regular lump size, tiny size, 400 mesh above, etc, with professional equipments.

    4.Commodity inspection

    SGS, AHK, CNKKK, INSPEC, CCIC, CNNC and other commodity inspection agencies, all of them are our reliable cooperative partners.

    5.Logistics service

    Reliable warehouse, related agencies and transport fleet, as well as the considerate port service and long-term experience, all of the above have been the reliable safeguard to you.

    6.Product category

    Fluorspar lump, fluorspar granular, metallurgical grade dry milling fluorspar powder, acid fluorspar wet powder, and acid grade fluorspar dry powder.

    To be more powerful is just primary goal of Samsummer; to do the best is the final achievement that Samsummer wanted. We follows user’s needs: not only for simple lumps, but also the complex tiny size, different processing requirements for dry milling fluorspar powder and acid grade fluorspar dry/wet powder, Samsummer can do it the best.

    Please kindly let Samsummer know your demand, no matter how complex it is, we can do it well.

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