business scope

Fluorspar transit trade

Product category: fluorspar lump, metallurgical grade dry milling fluorspar powder, acid grade fluorspar wet powder, acid grade fluorspar dry powder.

Import and export trade

Export : Carbon additive (F.C. 90%-95%), Bauxite, quartz sand,etc
Import: magnetite iron ore, manganese ore, chrome ore

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Agent for import and export

Provide import and export agent service for no license products

International Ocean Shipping

Provide the most favorable freight charge and service of vessel booking, storage inspection, etc.

Under bond storage

Provide agent service for temporary storage and outright sale for bonded goods

Simple Process

Provide service for size transforming and packaging.

Logistics service in Tianjin po

Agent for customs declaration, inspection declaration, storage, domestic transportation, inspection of container loading at dock, inspection of ship loading in port and other business service